Anti-Microbial Hospital Cubicle Curtain Fabrics


All of our antimicrobial cubicle curtain fabrics are manufactured with superior stain and odor release properties and are intrinsically fire retardant fabrics. This hospital cubicle curtain fabric is treated with an adaptable antimicrobial finish that inhibits the growth of a large variety of bacteria, fungi, and viruses to preserve the hygienic freshness of the products treated. All fabrics offered by Hospital Curtain Solutions meet and/or exceed NFPA 701 certification for vertical flammability.


Pattern: Argo


Pattern: Diaga


Pattern: Michelle


Pattern: Napa


Pattern: Onyx


Pattern: Reef


Pattern: River Birch


Pattern: Sand Dollar


Pattern: Surf


Pattern: Wavey Stripe

Pattern: Aurora


Pattern: Brook


Pattern: Chalet Anti-Microbial


Pattern: Harvest


Pattern: Hush


Pattern: Pirouette


Pattern: River Rock Anti-Microbial


Pattern: Sedona Anti-Microbial


Pattern: Trellis Anti-Microbial


Pattern: Unity Anti-Microbial