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Economy Solid Cubicle Curtains: Anti-Microbial

Hospital Curtain Solutions offers a wide variety of economic hospital cubicle curtain patterns and colors to meet your healthcare facility's needs.  Although our solid color hospital cubicle curtains are less expensive than those with a pattern, the high quality of our cubicle curtains design and manufacturing stay the same. Every Hospital Curtain Solutions medical privacy curtain is manufactured with a minimum of 20" of mesh to meet and/or exceed all local, state and federal fire codes for fire sprinkler penetration.  If your project requires a curtain width wider than 282”, please call us for immediate pricing.

Have a Project that Requires Three Curtains or More? Prefer to Order by Phone, or Have Questions about Measurements, Sizes, Pricing or Installation? Simply Call Us Toll Free at 877.625.4538 for Additional Discount Pricing and Assistance.


Pattern: BasketWeave Anti-Microbial


Pattern: Insight Anti-Microbial


When figuring out the appropriate width for your hospital cubicle curtains, please note that industry standard is for curtains to be a minimum 10% wider than your cubicle track size. Add 10% to your track size and, if you find that your width falls in between sizes, round up to the next width available. If 10% fullness is not figured into the horizontal width of your curtains, the fabric's natural tendency to "relax" while hanging may not provide total coverage for your cubicle track. As to the vertical height of your cubicle curtain, healthcare facilities typically require a hospital curtain to hang anywhere from 6" to 15" inches above finished floor to meet infection control standards. To provide sanitary conditions for your patients, hospital cubicle curtains should never be allowed to come into contact with the floor or with a housekeeper's mop or floor cleaner. All fabrics offered by Hospital Curtain Solutions meet and/or exceed NFPA 701 certification for vertical flammability. Although the process is easy, please be sure to take your time and measure with care. All of our hospital privacy curtains are made-to-order and a 30% restocking fee will be charged for errors not caused by Hospital Curtain Solutions.


If you like would like a quote on any of our large selection of hospital privacy curtains not shown on this shopping cart, please call 877.625.4538 or fill out our Request for Quotation Form and we will quote your project within a hour. If you have a large order that you think merits special pricing, or are a designer/architect/contractor who would like a quote on a specified pattern not included on our website, please call us at 877.625.4538 and we will be happy to help.