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Complete Hospital Curtain Track Kits

Hospital Curtain Solutions hospital curtain track is manufactured using heavy duty, extruded 6063-T5 aluminum, 1 3/8” by 3/4” by .058” wall thickness and ceiling mounted. Hospital Curtain Solutions hospital curtain track meets the accepted standard for the overwhelming majority of healthcare facilities nationwide and is ideal for enclosing patient beds, shower areas, or anywhere personal privacy is required. Because most ceilings, both acoustical panel and drywall, are painted white, our hospital curtain track system is manufactured with a white baked enamel finish to blend with your facility's design. This white finish allows for a less institutional appearance, helping to create the healing environment most facility's demand. The length of our hospital curtain track can easily be customized onsite using a simple hacksaw. Clear finish satin anodized hospital curtain track is also available Please email us at for pricing and lead time. 



Straight track:

90° L-Shaped Curved Track:

45° Curved Track:




All Cubicle Curtain Track Kits include 3 Roller Carriers per linear foot of track, 1 End Cap and 1 End Stop with Filler Cap. Please note: For 90° & 45° curved track, we do not need to know the direction of your curve. All curved track is sectioned so it can be installed turning either right or left, regardless of lengths. For ease in installation and hassle-free transport of track through your healthcare facility, all track lengths longer than 6' will be cut into sections and connectors will be included as needed at no extra charge.


Additional Track Hardware & Components


The #11 Glide carrier is made of a one-piece nylon spool, a tangle-free nylon swivel and a chrome-plated steel hook. Known as a "Universal Glide", it fits into most standard cubicle tracks.  All Hospital Curtain Solutions curtain carrier hooks are sold in packs of 10 @ $9.95 per pack. The #12 Roller Carrier is made of a nylon axel, two nylon wheels, a tangle-free nylon swivel stern and a chrome plated steel hook.  The nylon parts are extremely durable and will not rust or break. All Hospital Curtain Solutions curtain carrier hooks are sold in packs of 10 @ $9.95 per pack. The #20 Breakaway carrier is manufactured with nylon wheels, body and hook.  For use in shower rooms and psychiatric facilities, each carrier breaks away at 20 lbs. All Hospital Curtain Solutions curtain carrier hooks are sold in packs of 10 @ $9.95 per pack.


Aluminum Connectors are used to create a clean splice between two pieces of cubicle track. Our Aluminum Connector is $2.95 each. Our Aluminum End Cap is used to create a permanent stop at the end of your facility's cubicle curtain track.  Our Aluminum End Cap is $1.25 each.

Our Plastic End Stop with Filler Cap allows for easy addition and removal of curtain carrier hooks. For added security, Hospital Curtain Solutions' comes with a screw-down Filler cap to ensure a tight fit.  Our End Stop with Filler Cap costs $3.59 each.



If you like would like a quote on any of our large selection of hospital privacy curtains not shown on this shopping cart, please call 877.625.4538 or fill out our Request for Quotation Form and we will quote your project within a hour. If you have a large order that you think merits special pricing, or are a designer/architect/contractor who would like a quote on a specified pattern not included on our website, please call us at 877.625.4538 and we will be happy to help.