Snap System Highlights

  • Anti-Microbial Mesh on All Curtains
  • Ordering Spare Panels is Easy & Less Expensive
  • Panels can be Changed Without Ladders
  • One Size Curtain Panel Fits all Curtain Mesh
  • System Works with Most Existing Tracks & Carriers
  • Standardization Saves Time & Money
  • Snap Curtains Come Preassembled & Ready for Installation

Snap Panel System Hospital Cubicle Curtains

Hospital Curtain Solutions offers an economical way to provide snap panel-style hospital cubicle curtains that are standardized to accommodate every room, and every ceiling height, in your facility. Our snap panel-style hospital cubicle curtains allow for a single long span of mesh that extends the length of your curtain track with removable 66" inch wide panels that can be interchanged when damaged or soiled. By varying the vertical length of the mesh to conform to any ceiling height, an individual of average height can typically change out a snap panel with ease without the use of a ladder. As an added bonus, our snap panel-style hospital cubicle curtains arrive at your facility with the panels already snapped on to the mesh frame. This seemingly small extra attention to detail not provided by every manufacturer lets your staff unpack our curtains ready for immediate installation, instead of requiring the time consuming task of snapping every panel onto the mesh separately at the curtains' arrival. Once our snap panel-style hospital cubicle curtains are installed on your existing track, you merely have to switch out soiled or contaminated panels as needed, saving time and money in laundry costs. Depending on your facility's needs, we suggest ordering a couple extra panels to make sure you always have a snap panel on hand for housekeeping purposes.

Our snap-style mesh, which shouldn't need to be laundered until soiled, is treated with an anti-microbial solution which stays effective and sanitary for up to 40 washes. Our curtains are manufactured with heavy duty nickel plated brass snaps, mechanically pressed every 4.5" inches on center on a fabric tape reinforced header, which insures the integrity of the snap for the life of the fabric panel. The white cap on the front of the snap matches the mesh, allowing for any number of fabric pattern and color options on the same run of mesh. By providing an approximately 6" inch overlap at the junction of every panel, you can rest assured that your patient's privacy will always be guaranteed. Because we use a snap that allows for overlap, for an extra charge, we can also provide inexpensive antimicrobial snap-on vinyl liners that fit the back of every snap-style curtain panel you purchase. It simply snaps directly on to the snaps on the fabric panel from behind, allowing your facility to clean the vinyl liner as it hangs in place with a sponge and a mild cleaning solution. Of course, if you would prefer to purchase our snap-style mesh with a single panel to run the length of your hospital curtain track, we're happy to quote you for that style curtain as well, in any width your project requires

Because our snap panel-style hospital curtains take a little additional effort on our part to make sure you are getting the treatment that best fits your facility's needs, we ask that you either call us at 877.625.4538 or email us at with your track lengths and ceiling height for a price quote based on any one of the many options we have on our fabrics pages. If you're interested in purchasing snap panel-style hospital cubicle curtain panels to match a snap system you already have in place and don't see your pattern on our site, if you email us an image of your existing curtains, we can do that as well.